Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Balancing Act

In my last post, I reminded you all to squeeeeeze in some time for yourself each day. However, I would severely miss the mark if I did not add to that. As a wife, and a mother you have a significant role in your family. Sure you do laundry, cook, clean etc. But, more importantly you love and take care of your child(ren). You help shape who they are, and who they will become. However, you can't do that on your own. You need your spouse, and you need God.
God must always come first in your life. This is a huge challenge for me. Since Eden arrived, my time with the Lord has been scarce. So I challenge you, as well as myself, start your day with God. This is even more important than time for yourself. God is the one that gives strength to the weak, hope to the hopeless. Through His strength, you can tackle the challenges of each day. God can help you be the godly wife, and mother you need to be. Remember, each day you are being watched by your kids. You are their role model. What do you want them to model? Anger, frustration, lack of patience, selfishness? No, I don't think so...What about love, patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control. Yes, I think we could all live with this list! Dare I say, THRIVE on this list! You see just as you want your kids to model you, our heavenly Father wants us to model Him. With the power of His Spirit we can love our kids, be patient with our kids, be kind to our kids, and the list goes on!God is our ultimate strength in life! With Him all things are possible!
After God is in His rightful spot, consider your husband. When is the last time you spent quality time together,without the kids? The relationship between a husband and wife should be guarded well! Before there were little ones, it was just the 2 of you, and in 20 + years it will again just be the 2 of you. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the every day life of parenthood, that you forget to fuel the romance, and grow your relationship. ( I know I only have 1 child currently, but I can already see how much time is given over to her. This will only multiply with more children I presume. ) So whether it's a 30 minute walk once a week, a date night, or simply putting your phones and lap tops away, and sitting on the couch to re-hash and discuss how you are both doing. If you have to pencil it in on your to-do list! DO IT! God created the family, yes that's true...but He also created the institution of marriage. This relationship you share with your spouse is to emulate the relationship God has for His people, the church! God has sacrificed so much to have a relationship with you. Will you take the hint? Invest your heart into your marriage, and I promise you God will bless it!
Sooo...How are you doing with this balancing act? Remember God always comes first, then your husband, your family...and then time for yourself! God knows your deepest needs and desires. Trust Him with your heart! Give Him your first fruits, He knows more than anyone when you need a "break".

*My husband  Mark is such a wonderful spouse and  Father! He  has taken care of Eden many time when I've needed breaks . Sneaking in time alone can be  tough, but  we  are committed to each other, and  we desire to have a strong marriage. We are not perfect   by any means. I hope you all know that  I have not "arrived". I  still have  so much to learn when it comes to balancing all the things on my plate. Be encouraged, you are not alone!

Friday, April 27, 2012

You're Still You!

We are all unique as women! From a young age we begin to realize this. Our talents/abilities, hobbies, personalities,and interests are not always the same as our friends. There are different things that make us tick as women. Maybe your idea of a relaxing night is cuddling up on the couch in your pj's, watching a chick flick. Or maybe it's dressing up and going out to dinner and a movie. We all work and relax differently.Whether you're a wife, mother, aunt, daughter, teacher, receptionist, lawyer, doctor etc., It is important to remember who you are. Your titles may change so fast that it makes your head spin. But at the end of the day, you're still you!
What were you like before your child(ren) arrived? Did you have a date-night with your spouse each week? Did you attend weekly bible study? Did you have all the time in the world to... work,scrapbook/craft, do house projects/decorate,read, spend time with friends, blog,workout,serf the web...etc? I don't know about you, but when my daughter arrived, life CHANGED! :). She was, and still is completely dependent on me. How overwhelming, and wonderful! I love her dearly. But the truth is, she is a lot of work! Each baby/ child takes a lot out of you!
So after you feed, change(maybe your done with this stage :), walk, play,read, bathe,sing, and put your child(ren) to bed at night...and fit in cleaning, laundry, cooking dinner of course, when in the world do you take time to relax? Maybe you find yourself laughing at the very thought. "Time for me? Are you insane? I barely have time to shower, and eat during the day, ". Maybe you're thinking, "Actually, I have a perfectly good schedule. I Spend plenty of time with my kid(s), and fit in all of the above" (If this is you, what is your secret!?). Or maybe this is you, "I crave time for myself, and sometimes feel guilty that I'm not spending every waking moment with my kids". Maybe you are bits and pieces of the people I described.
This is my challenge to you! Take 10 minutes each day just for YOU! If you can take more, do it! You see becoming a wife or a mother adds to your responsibilities, but you're still the same person. God made you unique. Becoming a wife or a mother doesn't take away from who you are already. In fact, it adds to it.
It is a constant challenge to take time to do things we like, because we are so wrapped up in our children. In twenty years or more when your kids have grown, and your house is empty, will you remember who you are? Don't stop growing and changing. God has a unique plan for you! ( Don't worry He has your kids in mind too!).So go on that girls night-out, do that pinterest project, read that book, start that workout plan you wanted to try! I am not saying, abandon your child(ren), but I am saying don't leave yourself behind :).

*A picture of one of my hobbies. Making hair bows for Eden! Don't be fooled, I also spend a lot of time doing things just for me,on Pinterest and facebook ;).

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Your Children Want You!

Thank you April Perry for writing this. What a fantastic article! A good reminder for us all. Remember, your family loves you for who you are! :)

So...Here is a picture of my little family! They love me for me, and I am so thankful for that!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Everything in Moderation

There is never a dull moment while raising a child. Whether it's them becoming mobile, teething, advancing to solids, talking, walking etc. Children are ever changing. Just ask any middle aged adult. They will tell you they still think of their grown up children, as wee little ones. They can't believe how much time has past! My mom often reminds me of what I was like as little child. Always happy, and singing about just about ANYTHING. Running around in my "spinny dresses",as I called them.
Each new stage has its ups and downs. My daughter is now into the "crying anytime someone leaves the room" stage. This is not my favorite. At first, I thought it was cute that she missed me. Now I can't seem to get much done, when she is awake. I have discovered that she likes VeggieTails! I can often distract her for at bit while I eat my breakfast. However, I don't want her to watch too much TV. I'm not sure if I have to worry about that at this age,she gets distracted too easily to watch longer than 5-10 minutes or so. But what's your take on it? I think it's ok in moderation. Maybe just as a part of our morning. Is it a part of your daily routine? Do you only watch it on the weekends, or for special occasions?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Embrace the Adventure!

I am exciting about starting this new blog! I hope to encourage you mamas out there! You are not alone…Each day is an adventure with a little one (or more than one). I find it encouraging to follow the journeys of other moms, and I hope you do to. I will share the ups and downs, the laughs and tears, the happy days and the “pull your hair out” kind of days, with you all! I hope to post helpful and encouraging links on here too. Whether it’s ha sale on diapers, or a story that will touch your heart.
So Wake up each day with a sense of purpose. You have the greatest job in the whole world, you're a mom!