Monday, September 17, 2012

Super Mom!?...No Way!

Well it has been just about forever since I have updated this mommy blog. I was so excited about in the beginning, but quickly fell behind with its up keep. What’s new? PROCRASTINATION is a  word that defines way too much of my life. Whether it’s blogging, cleaning, decorating, or doing the laundry, you will find that I dreadfully fall behind in many areas. I wish I was super mom. It would be a miracle if all my ducks were in a row, if the laundry was clean AND put away (that’s the hardest part for me). The house was vacuumed every 5-8 days. The bathroom was spotless, my bedroom was picked up, and I was dressed and ready for the day by 9am J. Maybe all of these things come naturally to you. But goodness gracious they don’t for me!It’s hard to be so open and honest,but it’s the truth. I usually have about 3-5 loads of laundry sitting around my house just waiting to be put away. I frequently find cheerios or other things the baby has dropped or dumped on the floor. I almost never get my shower in before 12pm, and there are always dishes around that haven’t made it to the sink yet. 
You might be thinking wow, do you get anything done during the day? Lol. I promise I do J. However, having a very curious 11 month old to chase around and take care of definitely hinders my ability. That is in no way an excuse to not get things done though. There is almost always time in the day to tidy up J. I often look forward to Eden’s nap time so that I can sit down, grab a snack, catch up on Facebook, and usually get a load of laundry in or pick up a bit. This time I know can be managed better.  But how is the question. So I ask you moms. What is your secret? How do you keep your house tidy, your children happy, and put dinner on the table every evening?
At the end of the day, if I’m still in my sweats, never got my shower in or put make up on, but my family was loved and well taken care of…it was worth it. I think that having occasional days like that is probably fine and common in many of our lives. However, I know there is a way to feel ready for the day, get much accomplished, and love my family too. So in all of our quests to be “well rounded and efficient moms” I ask you to share your 2 cents. Not just for me, but for us all!


  1. let's just say I don't think the feat is possible to "keep your house tidy, your children happy, and put dinner on the table every evening" every single day. You've got to flex a little, especially during the littlest stages of your kids lives. I'm not sure I've ever met a super mom out there who hasn't missed a day of dinner, or cleaning the house, or something. Some days, I accomplish it all (they're rare, lol). Lots of days, I focus on just doing a few things - clean a certain room or make sure I have a meal plan for the following week along with a grocery list for whenever I can make it out to the store. As your kids get older, you'll be able to adjust your expectations on the cleanliness of your home and amazingness of your meals, because they won't be as needy for your constant attention (and actually will be a help to you!!). What I remember from growing up was a constantly clean home, yummy meals, and clean laundry in my drawers - but then I think about when those memories took place....when I was 12 or older? That, I think, makes my point. ;)

  2. I try to have one main thing a day to get accomplished. Like, I do all my laundry on Tuesdays, and that's the only day I do it, unless there is an emergency everything waits till then. I do my cleaning on Thursday, groceries on Wednesday. That way I don't feel like I have everything to do everyday. I know it will get done on a particular day. Then if Aiden is having a really good day or I feel extra motivated I do other things like baking or something. It works for me. Hope that helps a little. :)